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Psychopath Renderer

a slightly psychotic path tracer


Psychopath is a ray tracing render engine being written for fun and experimentation, with the vague hope that it might eventually be useful for animation and vfx rendering.

This blog is a place for me to talk about its development.

Please feel free to play with the source code on GitHub.


Psychopath is still in an early stage of development, so there is a large list of missing features. Below is a list of the few features that it does have.

Light Transport

  • Unidirectional path tracing
  • Multiple importance sampling
  • Efficient sampling of huge numbers of light sources
  • Spectral rendering


  • Lambert diffuse BRDF
  • Generalized Trowbridge-Reitz specular BRDF
  • Emission shader


  • Triangle meshes


  • Spherical light sources
  • Rectangular light sources


  • Thin lens camera model

Motion Blur

  • Camera motion blur
  • Transform motion blur
  • Deformation motion blur

Scene Graph

  • Transforms
  • Full hierarchical instancing