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2014 - 07 - 06

First Phong Render

So, this has been a long time coming. Psychopath's first non-lambert-shaded render.

First Phong

The bsdf itself is totally throw-away code (the importance sampling isn't good at all, hence the noise). But it's done via the bsdf system I've put in place. And it works! So, yay!

There's still lots more work to do to get a proper shader system working. You may notice that all of the surfaces still use the same hard-coded bsdf, for example.

But nevertheless! I'm excited.

Although it does feel kind of silly to be so excited about this, given that phong is such a basic thing. For most renderers this is like "Hello World". But for Psychopath, with its weird-ass ray tracing kernel, it's taken a while to get here.