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2015 - 07 - 16

Subdivision Surfaces

I recently implemented Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces in Psychopath.

One of my goals with Psychopath is for all curved surfaces to actually render as curved surfaces rather than as tessellated triangle meshes. To accomplish this for subdivision surfaces I am leveraging OpenSubdiv to pre-process the cage mesh into b-spline patches. Psychopath then converts the b-spline patches into bezier patches which it already knows how to render.

The end result is this:

Pontiac GTO '67

(Model by 'thecali', available on BlendSwap--please note that the version in the render above has some parts missing, as some bits were modeled with curves which Psychopath can't render yet.)

In other words, I can finally render interesting models! Yay! Most things are modeled with Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces these days, so this a big step.

The only down-side so far is that OpenSubdiv seems to be a bit on the slow side when converting the mesh to b-spline patches—it takes around 45 seconds for this model. It's possible I'm not using the library optimally. It's certainly something I'll need to investigate. But I'm quite pleased for now!